We all want beautiful, voluminous hair but not everyone was born with it. From a balanced diet and natural remedies to high end hair care products and professional treatments, there are many ways to achieve higher density and boost hair growth.

Think About Your Vitamin Intake

Some vitamins are essential for the quality and density of your hair, so changing your diet might help grow your hair naturally. How to increase hair volume? Think about food supplements. Nutrients you need include vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron, zinc and protein. Your cells need vitamin A for growth, but it is also responsible for producing sebum. B-vitamins, especially biotin is important for you because it prevents hair loss, while vitamin C prevents free radical damage and helps create collagen naturally. Lack of vitamin D can also lead to alopecia, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, iron carries oxygen to your cells, zinc plays an important role in hair tissue growth and proteins are the key component because your hair is made almost entirely out of protein. Food is the best source of these nutrients, but supplements work best with individuals who are deficient and have poor quality or low density of hair. You can also improve your diet by including a lot of nutrient-dense foods and home-made remedies.


Established 25 years ago, Bioscor is a global network of cosmetic medical clinics specialising in natural hair regrowth. We have locations in Melbourne and Perth and our affordable pay-as-you-go program doesn’t require any contract.

Use High-Quality Products

If you are wondering how to increase hair volume, think about hair care products you are using right now. Are they jam-packed with all the important nutrients? Can they really boost volume and improve density of your hair? Are they natural remedies or products powered with potent chemical formulas? While some traditional recipes really help improve the looks of your tresses, it is hard to achieve real results naturally. When purchasing shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair oils and other products, check out the list of ingredients and make sure they can boost volume and promote hair growth.


Consider Bioscor if you wish not only to halt your alopecia, but also to boost hair growth. We have loyal customers who have been with us from the start because we promise visible results.

Boost Your Hair Naturally with Home-Made Remedies

Our ancestors have been trying out different formulas to instigate hair growth naturally and some of these remedies are definitely worth trying. How to increase hair volume? Think about hair masks because many of them were formulated to boost volume. Try mixing honey, egg yolk and banana or blending together coconut oil with onion juice and yoghurt. A vigorous massage with a natural oil can help to achieve thicker and fuller hair which automatically increases the volume, but nothing does the trick like aloe vera because it stimulates and moisturizes your scalp. You can achieve greater density naturally if you use remedies like gelatine, onion mixed with honey, Indian gooseberry and raw egg, while ingredients such as cumin seeds, green tea, hibiscus flower, olive oil and henna can help promote hair growth.


Bioscor provides the latest medically and clinically proven aesthetic solutions including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and we have thousands of happy customers!

Increase Hair Density and Promote Growth with a Professional Treatment

Not sure how to increase hair volume and density when you already have alopecia? Anyone suffering from hair loss knows that nothing beats a medically-supervised hair growth program that can help prevent or stop hair loss and truly elevate density of your hair. While some plant-based remedies can help recover dull or damaged hair, they are not potent enough to initiate hair regrowth naturally. If you think your scalp needs a bigger boost, consider treatments such as platelet-rich plasma, mosaic laser hair renewal or stem cell therapy.

Get in touch with our qualified staff at Bioscor and discuss the options available for your hair regrowth. We have hair loss clinics located in Melbourne and Perth as well as a stockist in Tasmania.

Bioscor Natural Hair Regrowth Program

Why Choose Us?

At Bioscor, we understand how it feels to lose your hair. Losing your hair can be a crushing blow to your self-esteem.  It can affect your social life, work performance and overall view of yourself. Hair is important to our well-being. Because it is so visible, it becomes part of our identity.

We have been treating hair loss since 1992. Apart from true and tried methods, we embrace innovative techniques and have incorporated PRP treatment into our Natural Hair Regrowth Program to give even better, faster results.

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  • No surgery with long recovery periods

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