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Alopecia Areata is characterized by a rather sudden development of bald patches on the scalp, face or body.

It is widely believed to be caused by the body’s immune system; attacking the hair follicles due to its inability to differentiate between foreign invaders and normal healthy cells. Predisposing genetic factors, a cell-based autoimmune response, association with autoimmune diseases (e.g. vitiligo, thyroid disease), and external triggers (e.g. psychological problems, stress, etc) may all contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease.

The initial sign is generally an asymptomatic smooth round or oval bald patch (es) on the scalp and/or body. This when left untreated will usually grow larger with time. This type of hair loss can occur at any age and can affect the young as well as old.

Other types of alopecia :

  • Alopecia totalis refers to total hair loss on the scalp
  • Alopecia universalis is complete loss of hair on scalp and body

*Please note that results may vary from  person to person

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