INDIBA Deep Care

INDIBA Deep Care uses mono-polar radio-frequency (RF) heat to deliver an array of treatment benefits in multiple care settings; treating an area of the face or body by delivering an RF current at the specific frequency of 448 kHz as this is the frequency at which the body’s natural healing process is triggered.

INDIBA can treat:

  • Post surgery recovery
  • Physical recovery (muscular, joints)
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening

The non-invasive cosmetic technology works by applying a medical grade electrode onto the skin of the area needing treatment. The electrode is then continuously rotated over the area to deliver the RF energy in order to accelerate the body’s healing process. The electromagnetic current will target the body’s tissue in order to inwardly and outwardly rejuvenate the affected area. While you may feel the heat radiating over your body, the treatment will not feel uncomfortable and in fact delivers a pleasant sensation for most patients. The treatment is quick, painless, and requires no downtime.

INDIBA treatments can be tailored to deliver three biological effects, each of which work at different temperatures to deliver specific benefits:

  • Biostimulation, occurs under sub thermal conditions (below body temperature). At this level, you will experience multiple benefits including activation of the cell metabolic rate, reduction in pain, and increased blood flow. As the temperature of the tissue does not increase at this level, it is suitable for treating sensitive areas of the body.
  • Vascularization, occurs when the temperature of the electrode reaches thermal conditions ( a mild temperature). The benefits of applying the treatment at this level include oxygenating the tissues and cells and reducing post-surgical swelling.
  • Hyperactivation, occurs when the temperature of the electrode reaches hyperthermal conditions (a high temperature). By applying the treatment at this level you can improve the appearance of scars and other types of fibrotic tissue and encourage the production of collagen.
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