Glo Minerals Eye Contour Brush expertly blends and smooths vibrant color into the creases and contours of your eyes with this firm-bristled easy to use eye contour brush.



Full Product Description 

Create amazing depth and contour your eyes like a professional with Glo Minerals Eye Contour Brush.  From a light application to a full coverage one, this brush allows you to apply color, build coverage and blend with precision and ease.  Used with  Glo minerals cosmetics, this brush is a must-have tool.  Apply color in small hard to reach places easily; With an eyeshadow base and wide variety of shadows, this angled brush allows you to blend colors to create a natural or dramatic look.  Control is easily within your reach with this effective tool.  Different formulations of shadow, from cream to powder are easy t to apply with this effective brush, just as smoothing and blending in the difficult to reach corners of the eyes becomes a simple task, easy to achieve.

Suitable for All


  • Certified Cruelty-Free
  • 5-Star Rating
  • Firm Synthetic Brush Offers Precise Easy Application
  • Easily Blends and Smooths Eyeshadow Base
  • Easy to Build Eyeshadow Base or Any Cosmetic from a Light application to a Full Coverage One
  • Apply Cosmetics In the Corners of the Eyes and other Hard to Reach Places
  • Can be Used to Apply Cosmetics to in Creases, Corners, and All Over the Eyelids
  • The Plastic Handle Allows for Easy Handling and Application

Directions for Use

Begin by dabbing the contour brush in your cosmetic of choice and apply it to the creases, eyelids, or corners of the eyes.  Apply color using light sweeping motions until the desired coverage is achieved, then blend until a smooth uniform color is achieved.  This brush can be used to easily create and build a dramatic or natural look or to apply a very small amount of makeup to any area of the eye.  It’s small enough to fit in small hard to reach places yet firm enough to effectively apply a cream or powder with precision.


Firm Synthetic Bristles and a Plastic Handle