Laser Hair Removal

Our medical-grade Laser Hair Removal system is more effective than conventional light-based hair removal lasers; it uses a diode laser specifically tuned to the proper wavelength to ensure the hair follicles are properly targeted.

The laser safely and gently heats the targeted area. Pulses of energy gradually heat the follicles in the skin’s sub dermal layer. This means the laser light safely and gently passes through the skin and destroys active growing hair follicles.

While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients describe it as warm and prickly at most. Most conventional laser hair removal technologies utilise large amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. Our laser instead delivers low heat levels at a fast delivery, which decreases the pain and minimises the risk of side effects. Best of all, the high speed of delivery creates a short treatment; 5 minutes for underarms and anywhere up to 30 minutes to treat lower/upper legs.

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