9. Stay away from heating equipment.

Since you’re preventing losing hair or, basically, trying to grow it, it’s important to stop using dryers and flat or curling iron tools. These can damage your hair. However, if necessity calls, you use them whenever you only use a conditioner. It’s crucial to protect it first before exposing it to harsh conditions, such as the tools mentioned or even hair sprays. Be extra careful in summer and use vitamin-enriched hair lotions at home.

10. Rinse your hair with cold water.

According to experts, a cold-water rinse at the end of your bath or shower really strengthens the strands and keeps it longer and healthier. The thing with cold water is it helps lock in moisture and cures damage caused by the heat and external elements. Since hair issue in men is more prevalent, this is a highly recommended practice to encourage stronger and livelier strands. Still, this home remedy can also be practised by women of all ages.

11. Skip using a pony tail or rubber band.

Your scalp and strands need to breathe from time to time. It might be too hot or humid wherever you are so you frequently tie it up. The downside is your hair becomes more prone to breakage because of the tension that your pony tail produces. Moreover, tying it impedes hair growth. If you really need to put your hair up, choose a bobby pin or a bun it instead. These will lessen the damage.

12. Brush your hair plenty of times.

Nope, we’re not kidding. Grandma’s trick really does enhance hair regrowth. Nevertheless, constant brushing using the wrong brush can harm the strands. Before purchasing a brush, check its bristles and ask for professional advice. Choose one that has huge bristles, non-metal, and gentle on the head. Avoid using a brush after shower or whenever your hair is wet. This will cause tangles and split ends.

Try these hair loss remedies and you’re looking into longer and better-looking hair in weeks. We hope these home tips are helpful in your journey to a lengthy mane. Keep in mind that your wellness should go first and you need to actively engage in a healthy lifestyle. As you do this, your hair and even your skin will look better and more radiant. For more information on health and wellness, feel free to browse our pages. You could also share this through clicking our social media buttons.

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