5 Natural ways to regrow lost hair

Hair loss is everybody’s nightmare. Both men and women fear the idea of thinning hair and baldness. Hair loss is a very common condition in both genders . However, there are diverse reasons, as to why people suffer. Hair loss due to the hair shaft breaking and a decrease in hair growth are some of the causes. The precursor of these causes could be genetics or other external factors, such as stress, body changes, and more.

While hair growth experts can be found just around the corner, some people prefer natural hair regrowth treatment. No surgery or implants – just some effective natural methods to make the hair shaft stronger and the strands healthier. Today, we’ll discuss five healthy and natural ways to regrow lost hair. Be sure to get some paper and pen. You’ll find the following information helpful in your everyday life.

1. Meditate

The advantages of meditation include reducing stress, improving focus, practising self-awareness, slowing ageing, increasing happiness, and enhancing hair growth. Yup, you heard it right. Take at least 10 minutes off from your hectic schedule and simply meditate. You can play some music in the background if it helps you concentrate more. Just make sure you go to a quiet place and put your phone on silent for a while to successfully meditate.

Close your eyes, focus on your breath, feel it go in and out. Meditation helps lower your stress levels and improve your overall health. The moment you can manage your stress will be the time that you’ll feel significant changes to your body. Aside from hair regrowth, you also get to reap tons of other benefits from meditating. Meditation changes the brain physiology and somehow puts you on the fast track to happiness. It helps people accept their situation, release tension, and stay calmer.

2. Eat

Whatever you put in your mouth affects the holistic functioning of your body, including hair regrowth. If you are getting enough sleep and not really stressed, then consider evaluating your eating habits. Are you eating too much junk food? Maybe you’re taking in the wrong kind of supplements. Or perhaps, there’s not enough vitamins and minerals in your body. These all may sound cliché but Grandma is right – you need eat the right kind of foods.

That means there should be enough carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, zinc, and other nutrients. You can usually find these in fruits, vegetables, bread, nuts, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, and other sources. Try to avoid eating the same meal every day. Put some variety into your eating habits or menu. The more your body gets the right kind of nutrients, the more it distributes them to all parts of your body. Partner this with a natural hair regrowth treatment and you’ll see results.

3. Massage

Another way to naturally encourage hair regrowth is through massaging the scalp. Massaging your head helps prevent dryness and flaking of the scalp. It also enhances blood circulation as well as releasing tension caused by stress. Massaging increases pliability, relaxes the scalp, which strengthens the roots as a result. Moreover, it nourishes the hair shafts as it helps to distribute (through increasing proper circulation) the nutrients.

When people massage their scalp, they spread natural oils that lead to improved hair growth. As natural oils are distributed, the hair grows with more lustre and vibrancy. To add to these astounding benefits, hair massaging also replenishes and rejuvenates a damaged scalp. It can minimize split ends and prevent brittleness. If you want these advantages and more, start setting aside a few minutes before you sleep at night to massage your scalp.

4. Balance

There are plenty of hair growth products that are organic. Some treatments are also available from professional hair loss companies. Nevertheless, if you don’t have time to explore them, it might be useless. This being said, it’s important to strike some work-life balance in your routine. Don’t get so engrossed with your pay check that you forget to take care of yourself. After all, if you start experiencing physical illness, it will get costlier than living a healthy lifestyle.

Like meditation and healthy eating, striking a balance in your lifestyle promotes better sleep and healthier circulation of the blood. In return, this improves hair growth and keeps your scalp in top condition. The common hair loss factors – vitamin deficiencies, stress, and lack of sleep can be treated by learning to balance your life. You don’t really need an expert for that. You just have to actively commit to a change of routine and start getting healthier.

5. Ask

Lastly, there are numerous hair growth products and treatments from professionals, such as Bioscor, which can benefit you. Every situation is different, that’s why it helps to ask someone who’s knowledgeable about the field. Bioscor has a natural hair regrowth program that yields excellent results. They offer innovative cell therapy solutions as well for those who wish to see change quicker. The best part is, these are all natural.

Bioscor has a team of licensed professionals for hair regrowth in Australia that understands the unique causes, needs, and treatments fit to different people. Now, if you’re worried about hair loss, it’s not enough to research the causes and symptoms, right? You might also end up scaring yourself when you see which serious diseases have hair loss as a precursor. To better understand hair loss and learn about natural treatments, consult the experts, like Bioscor.

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems that was founded and developed in India says that a healthy beautiful head of hair involves a continuous care routine that starts with nourishment. That’s why we encourage organic and natural hair regrowth procedures. Now you have five more tips to add to your list. Be sure to contact Bioscor for more information. You may reach them at Melbourne (03) 9544 7429 and Perth (08) 9380 6868. You could also visit their office here.

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