Treatment and Prevention for Hair Loss

In general, it is observed that men are more likely to lose hair than women. Health researchers say that this is due to male pattern baldness or hormones. This condition is usually followed by a pattern of thinning hair on the crown and receding hairline. Male genes and hormones are the common factors of this condition. Nevertheless, hair loss is not confined to men. Women too can suffer. And usually, it is a result of unhealthy lifestyle and stressful daily activities.

Although hair loss isn’t life threatening as other diseases, hair loss isn’t normal and should be investigated. This article aims to raise awareness on hair loss and offer people treatment. We’ve rounded up the things that you need to understand on how to stop hair loss – its causes, treatments, and prevention.


Physical stress is at the top of the list. Perhaps, you recently had a serious illness or had surgery. Maybe, you encountered some sort of accident or physical trauma. Any occurrence that stresses your body can result in disruptions in its regular cycles and trigger hair loss. Dermatologists explain that our hair has several cycles, namely growth, rest, and shedding phases. Disruption to any of these phases can lead to an imbalance.

Another cause is emotional distress. As with physical stress, there are several situations that trigger this. Sometimes, people who go through a divorce, death of a loved one, debt, caring for an ageing family member, and more. Emotional stress doesn’t cause hair loss – it simply aggravates the problem that’s already present. This is the very reason everybody is encouraged to always maintain a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to their work-life balance. As you take care of the emotional aspect, the physiological side follows.

Pregnancy, anemia, chemotherapy, thyroid disease, low vitamin levels, too much vitamin A, male pattern baldness, heredity, female hormones, and protein deficiency are other causes. If you’re wondering which doctors specializes in this kind of condition, they include dermatologists, gynecologists, and family physicians. These people can help you screen and diagnose the root of your hair loss problem.

More causes of hair loss include, Telogen Effluvium – (e.g. Emotional stress, major illness, childbirth, rapid weight loss or major surgery), nutritional and mineral deficiencies (e.g. Dieting, Iron deficiency), bacterial and fungal Infections (e.g. Tinea Capitis), hormonal dysfunction (e.g. Hypothyroidism), pressure and traction Alopecia (e.g. Pulling of the hair), and adverse drug reaction. These conditions can be treated by actively seeking help from experts in hair loss treatment.


If you spend enough time on the Internet, you’ll find out that many people are researching online how to stop hair loss. You may find a range of recommendations but you need to be careful in trying them – as each condition differs from another. Moreover, people have diverse genetic makeup. You can however, try several non-invasive techniques. And of course, don’t hesitate to consider the tips on healthier living. These are safe ways to treat hair loss.

There are natural hair loss remedies. Some use egg white and olive oil mixture and apply it to their scalps. Others use a good brush to “massage” the scalp and thus, relax the skin. Given the things we’ve discussed in previous paragraphs, it would be wise to work on these areas. Try to avoid physical, emotional, and mental stress as much as you can. Eat a balanced diet and practice work-life balance. Also, use shampoos and/or conditioners that are milder and avoid hair treatments for now.

It would also be wise to seek expert advice. Bioscor offers effective treatments for various forms of non-scarring alopecia. They also offer hair loss cure on male or female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Seeking professional help lets you understand the gravity of your condition as well as start proper treatment. You could also research hair practices that you could do at home. This way, you can maintain the strength and beauty of your hair.


For the non-genetic cause of hair loss, it can be prevented through getting adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals. You could also practice a healthier lifestyle and start avoiding stressful situations. Another good prevention technique is practicing good hair hygiene. This includes regular shampooing, wholesome food intake (which composes of vitamin and mineral-rich foods), and maybe taking supplements, as advised by your physician.

Shy away from harsh treatments, such as tight buns, ponytails, and braids. Avoid any hairstyle that might compulsively twist, pull, and rub your hair. Aside from the hair loss remedies we stated above, you might also want to check the medicines you take. Sometimes, hair loss can be a side effect of prescribed medication. If this is the case, consult your physician if there is any alternative. If there is none, ask for some advice as to how you can avoid losing too much hair in the process.

The inherited or genetically-inclined is the tough one to deal with, since not all treatments have been studied and discovered yet. Nevertheless, you could still try several hair loss remedies from professionals like Bioscor. They have a Natural Hair Regrowth program that is specifically designed to counteract the effects of DHT and rejuvenate follicles in order to produce thicker and healthier hair. This treatment can significantly improve the growth and volume of your hair.

Hair loss is a serious case that you need address early on. However, there is nothing to fear, as help is at hand. Just keep in mind that it’s a common condition that affects a range of people in all walks of life, for a specific season in their living. It also has several forms. Including the breakage of the hair shaft and the decrease of hair growth altogether. Don’t hesitate to contact your local expert for more information.

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