5 Essential Steps to a Healthy Scalp

When people think about hair care they usually turn to their luscious locks but this approach completely ignores one aspect of caring for your head. Underneath your hair lies one of the more neglected parts of your body – your scalp – and it’s important to give it the care that it deserves.
There are a range of symptoms that people put down to their hair that are actually caused by their scalp, including itchiness ,oiliness, tightness and dandruff. Caring for your scalp can also give you the healthy, soft and shiny hair that you desire. If you want to know the best ways to maintain a healthy scalp you’re in luck because we’ve compiled the essential steps that you need to know. 


The two main things that people do in the shower is wash their skin and exercise the vocal cords. In between tunes you might also want to think about washing the skin on top of your head. Shampooing is an easy way to maintain not just your hair but your scalp condition too. Shampoo reduces the build-up of sebum, a substance that is secreted from your hair follicle and creates oily scalp and hair. Be sure to actively massage the shampoo into your scalp for great results. 


When people think of improving their nutrition they probably think of their heart health and their fitness, but not necessarily their scalp. Getting all of the good nutrients – like zinc, iron and essential fatty acids – is important for a healthy scalp and hair. Eating well and exercising regularly is a good start, but don’t go overboard! 


When it comes to scalp health – and usually your overall wellbeing – you don’t want to subject yourself to fad diets. These diets usually involve cutting out major food groups and can starve your body and your scalp of those essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. Don’t live on popcorn, but don’t rely on celery alone either! 


Hair sprays, gels, and other styling products are great for keeping your hair in place or making it stand on end, but aren’t always good for your scalp. Usually, these products promote excessive oily build-ups that aren’t good for your head.


If you want to protect your scalp when it’s been damaged you have to avoid the one thing that you probably want to do. Scratching and picking at an itchy or tight scalp will just cause more problems in the long run so for the best results always keep your hands off. Extreme heat from things like blow dryers or hot washes won’t be good for your hair either, especially when it’s already damaged. 

Protecting your scalp is essential to your overall head health and maintaining that enviable head of hair that everyone wants. If you’re keeping your scalp in tiptop shape, but are still experiencing hair loss, you might want to consider a natural hair regrowth solution. 

At Bioscor International we combine targeted shampoos, conditioners and lotions with other in-house treatments to promote a natural head of hair. Contact our expert team today for a no-obligation, free appointment at one of our clinics in Melbourne or Perth. Our experts will determine the cause of your problem and recommend a solution that works for you.