Double Eyelid Stitch Procedure using Korean-box-stitch method

As the name implies, this method is very well-known in Korea as the Box-Stitch method. It is a very popular minor cosmetic procedure that involves using hidden sutures to create well defined eyelid folds, creating a natural looking appearance of double eyelids. As there are no physically cuts are here used to create folds, the amount of downtime is significantly less in comparison.

The advantages of this procedure include minimal recovery time, minimal trauma, natural aesthetic appearance, and easy reversibility.

Double Eyelid Stitch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Results last indefinitely. As the sutures are placed in the tissue to create folds, the folds will remain as long as the sutures and the formation of the box-stitch are intact. Therefore, they are not permanent. Fortunately, this is very rare as we have perform hundreds of these procedures and only a handful have had their sutures become “loose” over time.

This is due to either intrinsic (i.e. general ageing) or external factors (such as physical stress from vigorous eye rubbing). In these cases, we would recommend that you see us for a review and know your options.

Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects from this procedure.

  • Swelling can take several days to a week to subside
  • Bruising can take up to 3 weeks to resolve

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. More information will be provided during the Doctor’s consultation.

The procedure takes a couple of hours from start to finish. You will remain the clinic for another hour or two for assessment post-procedure.

Most of our patients can return to work within several days; some even go back to work the next day! This depends on the individual. Please keep in mind that bruising and swelling will not resolve in only a few days so if this is a concern for you, you may want to take a couple weeks off to recover.

A consultation with Dr. Amanda Ong is required to assess suitability. Please note that a consultation with Dr. Amanda Ong will carry a fee.

Contact us on (03) 9544 7429 or (03) 9544 2852 for more information.

Additional Double Eyelid Stitch Before and Afters

bioscor double eyelid stitch before and after

Bioscor’s Double eyelid Korean stitch method – results may vary from person to person

To find out whether you are suitable candidate, please contact us and book an appointment to see one of our Doctors for a consultation.