What is Acne?

Acne is a skin inflammatory condition that affects at least 85% of people aged between 18 to 24 years. This skin problem often affects adults too.

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What causes Acne

Acne is widely believed to be caused by:

  • over-production of oil in the skin pores,
  • physical buildup of dead skin cells and clogging of pores; and/or
  • presence of bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes (p.acnes) which has been implicated in exasperating the skin condition.

Acne can be further influenced by hormones, medications, stress, poor diet and more. The causes of acne are multi-factorial and different for each person. Likewise, the acne scarring treatment options and acne treatment procedures may also differ from patient to patient.

The main contributing factor to acne is excess oil/sebum production, which is caused by hormonal influences on sebaceous glands. The increase in oil/sebum production leads to dead skin cells blocking the pores of the skin. These clogged pores result in blackheads and whiteheads (non-inflammatory acne), which can become inflamed and turn into pimples (mild inflammatory acne), and even become severe inflamed acne in the form of deep lumps called cysts or nodules.

We offer effective procedures in Melbourne for acne treatment that are reliable and safe.

Teenage Acne and Hormones

It is widely believed that the increase in hormones called androgens during puberty plays a role in teenage acne. Androgens are thought to increase the size of the oil glands leading to an increase in sebum secretions.

While it may be tempting to extract a pimple, whitehead or blackhead yourself, most extractions are not performed properly and cause further inflammation trauma and possibly scarring your skin! Our dermal clinicians are qualified to safely and effectively clear your pores without causing further damage to your skin.

Teenage acne may be difficult to treat immediately and can take many months before dramatic improvement can be seen. This is why Bioscor believes young acne sufferers should have access to affordable, no-nonsense medical-grade acne treatment services as it can sometimes be a long journey to clearer skin.

Apart from prescribing the acne treatment procedures, our team also guides patients on a healthy skin routine as per their acne condition. We also conduct follow-ups to ensure the acne or acne scarring treatment is showing progress.

How do we treat Acne?

While there are many acne treatment options available, it all depends on the severity of the condition. Our professionals in our Melbourne clinic specialise in acne treatment  – we make sure to first understand the root causes of your acne condition, whether it is hormonal or due to the skincare products you are using.

We conduct such detailed consultation with our patients before getting to the acne treatment. We also understand that many of sufferers of acne may have post-pigmentation marks, or even acne scars from attempting to remove the contents of a pimple themselves. Thus, we also offer effective acne scarring treatment procedures to help with acne marks and scars.

Where do I start?

As our microdermabrasion & extraction is medical grade, your first step is to book an appointment with one of our Doctors, Nurses or dermal clinicians (they have a university degree in dermal skin therapies) for a skin consultation. Once we identify the causes of your acne, we can help you address your skin issues and put your skin on the road to clear recovery at our clinic in Melbourne.

Before and After Acne Treatments

Results may vary from person to person

Quick Acne Care Tips

Well, people suffering from acne sometimes get anxious about the condition and end up trying hacks to tackle the same which, in most cases, worsens the condition. Here are a few things one must avoid when suffering from acne.

  • Avoid home remedies without consulting an expert in Melbourne for acne treatment

Home remedies usually involve the use of natural ingredients but these may not be suitable for every acne condition. Also, what works for others may not work for you because everyone has a different skin texture. Make sure to consult our experts in Melbourne for acne treatment before experimenting with home remedies.

  • Avoid buying acne treatment products that you see on online ads

Simply watching ads and buying products and experimenting with skincare might do more harm than good. There are many scams on social media with fake before & after photos. Acne treatment should not be taken lightly – your face deserves better! The same also goes for acne scarring treatment.

  • Avoid over-cleansing and scrubbing

To get rid of acne, people often end up over-cleansing and scrubbing. This can strip the skin off its natural oils making it drier and leading to more acne. Before following any skincare routine make sure to first consult a professional and simply opt for guided consultation at our clinic in Melbourne for acne treatment.


Schedule an appointment with us today for a no obligation skin consultation and find out the most effective treatment for you.