Finding a Solution

At the young age of 19, Dr Alan Ong began to lose his hair due to severe male pattern hair loss. Being a self-conscious teenager, baldness was ruining his confidence and by the age of 26 he was completely bald. Since the results of the various treatments and products he tried were not encouraging, he knew he had to find a solution. After many years of extensive research and rigorous experiments, Dr Ong discovered a highly effective formulation that enabled him to grow back his hair. Practicing as a general practitioner at the time, patients of his witnessed his remarkable hair growth and in 1992, the first Bioscor International clinic was founded in Melbourne.

Dr. Alan Ong – age 42 (left), age 43 (middle), age 71 (right).*

With a strong understanding of skin biology, Dr Ong also expanded into skincare management and cosmetic solutions. Since then, Bioscor International has established an international presence with clinics worldwide and is now recognised as a leader in the fields of tailored natural hair regrowth and haircare products; skincare products and treatments; anti-ageing treatments and various other aesthetic services.

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