Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Men can experience hair loss from all walks of life – some hair loss in men begin as they approach their 50s whereas others may suffer from hair loss even in their early 20s. Whether you’re noticing a receding hairline, baldness, or hair thinning, we can help assess and provide a tailored hair loss treatment plan for you.

Most cases of male pattern hair loss (otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia) are mainly influenced by genetics, but this doesn’t limit you from being able to regrow your hair and experience confidence again. At Bioscor, we assess the health of your scalp and hair to deduce what sort of hair loss treatment plans are available.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Bioscor’s hair loss and regrowth program is a natural, clinically proven, and medically supervised solution to getting fuller and thicker hair. Many of our clients start to see results within the first 3-4 months, however this could be earlier or later depending on your individual circumstances. Our natural hair loss treatment program for men also includes both convenient at-home treatment kits as well as in-house treatments at our clinic. Experience the confidence of having full, thick, and healthy hair at Bioscor today.

For professional hair loss treatment for men in Australia that can produce great results, contact our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

You don’t need to lose any more hair.

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