• A spot treatment for acne patients. Helps pimples heal faster, by reducing redness and size quickly.
  • Clear Skin Gel (Very Mild) contains 0.025% Tretinoin. It helps to: Make your skin less oily Loosen blackheads and whiteheads so that they come out more easily Stop new blackheads, whiteheads and spots from forming Lowers the number of red, inflamed acne spots. Your doctor may have prescribed Clear Skin Gel (Very Mild) for another reason.
  • Panthenol Ceutic is a highly soothing and ultra nourishing balm that restores skin's suppleness and comfort and repairs the epidermal barrier. For post-aesthetic procedures. All skin types, ideal for sensitive and/or very dry skin. Benefits Ideal for relieving skin dryness, irritation and after cosmetic treatments. Hypoallergenic, suitable for hypersensitive and dry skin to minimise inflammation and irritation Expert formula combines repairing complex with 5% panthenol, Bisabolol 1%, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, beeswax and antioxidant vitamin E. Can be used on dry areas such as lips and cuticles and is ideal in the colder months
    $54.00 inc. GST
  • Magic Sprinkles contains 100% Vitamin C powder (Ascorbyl Palmitate) which can be added to your moisturiser or serum for an antioxidant boost! Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse ingredient used in skincare for its ability to fight free radicals that cause premature ageing. Other reasons why Vitamin C is the holy grail skin care ingredient: It has the ability to inhibit melanin production meaning it can help prevent formation of pigmentation and lighten existing dark spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C can stimulation both collagen and elastin production in skin, resulting in a thicker dermis layer which helps keep skin looking …
    $55.00 inc. GST
  • Clear Activating Mist is frequency-enhanced water that can be sprayed directly on clean skin or added to your serum to aid in product penetration by helping to drive active ingredients in to the skin. Skin types & Indications: All skin types & conditions including acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation.
    $62.00 inc. GST
  • Fade Away cream is a prescription-only, highly concentrated pigmentation formula. It contains four active ingredients, extensively studied to be the gold-standard formula for reducing pigmentation, lightening and brightening the skin tone.
  • Lash Actif is a specially formulated serum to lengthen and thicken eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply sparingly to the roots of the lashes and brows every night before bed. Contains 1% Minoxidil Sulphate and 0.03% Bimatoprost.
  • Foamer 15 effectively purifies the skin. The glycolic acid exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells and impurities, while enoxolone soothes the skin. For dull complexion, irregular texture and imperfections. All skin types, Foamer 15 is ideal for normal to oily skin.
    $75.60 inc. GST
  • The Dermaceutic K Ceutic repairing cream is a nourishing and hydrating post-treatment product, ideal for traumatised skin. Using a combination of protective, soothing and repairing ingredients, it is dermatologically proven to prevent irritation and reduce skin redness.   Benefits Dermatologically tested A highly nourishing cream after peels, laser treatment or surgery 5%, Vitamin K Complex 4%, Aloe vera, C & E vitamins Free of fragrances & parabens Sunscreen SPF 50
    $79.80 inc. GST
  • Light Ceutic gently exfoliates the skin and reduces the appearance of pigment spots, thanks to the combined action of glycolic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C. This exfoliation process allows the skin to naturally regenerate overnight. For irregular and dull complexion. All skin types.
    $89.00 inc. GST
  • An alternative to the traditional microneedle roller. The AO SkinStamp provides a less painful experience, as its needle penetration occurs in a more uniform matter over a larger area of skin. Traditional rollers also tend to become entangled with medium to long hair if one is not careful with its use. The AO SkinStamp avoids this problem as there are no moving parts. Microneedling has been reported to be a promising, effective and a safe treatment modality in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia (male/female pattern hair loss). Its use with Minoxidil solutions has been shown to be superior than just …
    $99.00 inc. GST
  • Radiance gently exfoliates the skin and restores the skin’s radiance thanks to the synergy of high-performance acids and lightening agents in optimal concentration. With 9% brightening ingredients such as Koji Acid, Arbutin and Niacinamide working synergistically with 4% keratolytic acids such as Salicylic Acid and Mandelic acid to treat, correct and prevent pigmentation to contribute to a more even and luminous skin complexion. For dull complexion, uneven skin texture and skin tone. Fragrance free 
    $119.00 inc. GST
  • Retinol is famed for its anti-ageing properties, but it's sebum-balancing and skin refining powers make it a powerful match for persistent acne, excessively oily skin or hormonal breakouts. Bust out this powerhouse of retinal plus antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients for the ultimate blemish-busting, pimple-popping suckerpunch to oily skin woes.
    $120.00 inc. GST
  • Nourishing and rich moisturiser designed to help calm and sooth the skin.
    $135.00 inc. GST
  • It combines depigmenting and re-texturizing technologies for rapid visible results. Formulated with RetinSphere® Technology, with high concentration of retinoids, it provides intense epidermal renewal and smoother skin. Niacinamide and tranexamic acid help block the formation of dark spots by acting on the different mechanisms of melanin synthesis. EDAFENCE ® protects against pollution, one of the main causes of dark spots, and other factors caused by environmental stress. Its anhydrous texture aides application of the product, leaving an invisible finish and dry touch. Tested under dermatological control.
    $138.00 inc. GST
  • Calm serum encourages the skin to reduce inflammation restore the protective barrier, increase skin nutrients and rebuild the skin. Results include increased hydration, firmness and stronger immune health. Skin types and indications:  All skin types especially those suffering from Rosacea or sensitized skin conditions.
    $145.00 inc. GST
  • Correct serum is a powerful age reversing serum designed for normal skin types who desire dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. This formula sets up the ideal environment for aging skin to remodel itself through increased skin nutrients, collagen production and elasticity.
    $150.00 inc. GST
  • Revives skin hydration and delivers outstanding skin brightening ingredients. Refines and reveals a brighter, even and more translucent skin tone. Revives skin hydration and delivers outstanding skin brightening ingredients.
    $156.00 inc. GST
  • This advanced formulation is designed with resilent skin types in mind to completely renew their complexion. Renew has one of the highest strength Vitamin A available in the market to encourage cell turnover to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This anti-aging treatment hydrates your skin with hyaluronic acid and brightens with lactic acid. Peptides naturally plump your texture to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
    $170.00 inc. GST
  • Contains a revolutionary, patented ingredient to neutralise toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair and dramatically restore skin texture and improve symptoms of aging. Skin types & Indications All skin types, inflamed skin, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma & liver spots
    $215.00 inc. GST
  • This patented clinically proven serum combines Zinc Finger Technology to activate innate DNA repair mechanisms of our own cells. Skin function is restored for a more youthful appearance, even tone and texture. Skin types & indications: Melasma, Rosacea, Hyper- pigmentation & general aging.
    $220.00 inc. GST
  • S-Factor Epidermal Growth Factor Serum contains over 600 different skin growth factors. More than any other EGF serum available. This incredible serum improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage. It gently restores the repair process. And stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyperpigmentation and reverse aging. Alongside the aubudance of growth factors this serum features an advanced technology using exosomes. They encapsulate the growth factors and work as delivery packets. Helping to keep growth factors stable and protected. Delivering them into the skin at a better rate to enhance results. StemFactor is hydrating, lightweight and …
    $250.00 inc. GST
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