Hair Loss Clinic

In Australia, the Bioscor hair loss clinics in Melbourne and Perth offer a free, no-obligation consultation to check out whether you are a suitable candidate for a medical hair loss treatment and possible regrowth and cure. One of our doctors will take blood tests and ask you about your hair loss and medical history, and your family history of baldness, to diagnose the kind of hair loss you’re dealing with. Your scalp will be examined to discover the quality of your hair, and it will be checked for thinning due to fallout or breakage. Your practitioner may even pull out a hair or two for closer examination. Your hair loss may be only temporary, caused by illness or medication side effects, rather than male or female pattern baldness. Once your condition is determined, your doctor will set out a program for you to cure your hair loss, and help to promote healthy regrowth. We also offer many treatments other than hair loss, including cures for acne scarring, spider veins, age and sun spots on the face.

If you live in Australia, our Melbourne hair loss clinic is at 182 Huntingdale Road, East Oakleigh, VIC 3166. Phone us on (03) 9544 7429 or email If you live in Western Australia, our clinic is at 1/190 Hay Street, East Perth, phone (08) 9380 6868, or email: We’re here to help!

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