How to Regrow Hair

Everyone who worries about having a bald head wants to know how to regrow hair naturally. If you notice a bald spot or thinning it’s understandable you’d be wanting to know how to regrow hair fast. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss at different stages of their life. Even though men are more prone to hair loss, many women suffer from hair loss as well, as naturally their hair follicles shrink and stop producing hair as normal.

Androgenetic alopecia, or male and female-pattern baldness, is the most common hair loss condition which causes hair to fall out. But this is not the same as losing hair due to stress or nutritional lack. While there is no permanent cure for androgenetic alopecia, the big question many of our clients wonder is how to regrow hair or how possible it is to regain a thicker head of hair again.

The likelihood of success in regrowing your hair will depend on your situation – such as your scalp condition, genetic predisposition to hair loss, compliance to treatment, age and severity.

At Bioscor, we conduct an initial consultation with you to provide you the best ways we can regrow your hair. Our hair loss treatment programs and results are a testament to how you can slow the process of hair loss and potentially regrow more hair over time. Our hair regrowth programs include the following stages

Initial Consultation

By reviewing your current hair condition, family medical history, as well as any other contributing factors to your hair loss, we devise a tailored hair regrowth treatment program for you.


Your treatment will include either or a combination of take-home kits as well as in-house treatments. Our hair regrowth programs have been clinically proven to provide a way to regrow hair naturally and healthily.


Over the course of 3-4 months of treatment, our team of hair loss experts will monitor your treatment progress and make adjustments if necessary. When it comes to hair loss and regrowing your hair, your success is our success. We devise tailored hair loss treatment plans to help you regrow hair naturally and healthily.

Get in touch about Bioscor’s Natural Hair Regrowth Program today. Our treatment programs are one of the very few clinically-proven, natural methods for hair loss available. Get in touch today by giving us a call in Melbourne on (03) 9544 7429 or if you’re in Perth, (08) 9380 6868.

You don’t need to lose any more hair.

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