Keratin Treatment Melbourne

Keratin, a structural protein in our hair, skin, and nails, is also added to styling products to help strengthen hair. However, some ‘keratin treatments’ are a contradiction, since they are hair salon straightening ‘treatments’ that can not only damage your hair, but cause hair loss. A keratin treatment will smooth and shine frizzed hair using a combination of formaldehyde and keratins applied with a flat iron, sealing in the protein. This method of hair straightening with a keratin treatment may contribute to too much shedding, resulting in thinning hair.

If keratin is used in hair thickening products (shampoos, conditioners and masks etc.) it can help  to prevent hair breakage by bonding to the rough edges of each strand. The keratin covers and straightens the cuticle, which leaves the hair shiny and strong. And formaldehyde-free smoothing keratin treatments can deeply permeate the cortex of your hair, rather than leaving it on the outside where all it does is flatten the cuticle.

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