Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Re-growing your hair doesn’t mean you have to resort to large-scale, invasive, surgical methods. At Bioscor, we offer natural remedies for hair loss that are medically-supervised and clinically proven to work.

We know that your experience with hair loss is different to others. That’s why at our Bioscor clinic, we formulate a hair loss treatment program that’s right for you and your unique hair loss experiences.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss due to genetics or non-genetic factors, our hair loss specialists at Bioscor can assist in getting you a fuller, thicker, and stronger head of hair, given your individual circumstances.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

After your free no-obligation consultation, you’ll be provided with a tailored natural hair loss treatment program in the form of convenient take home kits as well as natural in-house treatments performed at our clinic.

How many sessions and kits you’ll need will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. To allow for more flexibility in your treatment options, we guarantee no lock-in contracts or large start up fees – so you’re welcome to start and stop treatment at your convenience.

We’ve proven a long track record of success (being in the hair growth industry for over 25 years). Our proven natural hair loss treatments have helped many of our clients regrow their hair, with results seen in as little as within the first 3-6 months*.

For natural hair regrowth treatments, come and speak with our hair loss specialists at Bioscor today.

You don’t need to lose any more hair.

Contact us today and find out how you can grow your confidence back!