Have you experienced the moment where you look in the mirror and realise that you’re losing your hair? Whatever the circumstances, realising that you’re losing your hair can be an awful feeling. Not only does it affect your physical appearance but it can affect  your confidence and self esteem  and even have a significant emotional impact, especially if you’re still quite young.There’s no doubt that androgenetic alopecia is common, but luckily there are non-invasive and effective treatments that are clinically proven for both men and women.

Besides comb overs, snake oils expensive wigs, there are effective and affordable methods to regrow and maintain your own hair. There is hope for every head of hair and today we’re going to explain natural hair regrowth for you and help restore confidence in your world. But first let’s get to the root of the problem. 

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

For many of us it’s not important why we have lost our hair, but only how we can get it back. However, understanding the cause of our problems is actually the first step to successful regrowth, so knowing the cause can lead to a solution. Here is how Androgenetic Alopecia (aka Male Pattern Hair Loss) is caused: 

  • Caused by androgens (male sex hormones).
  • The androgen responsible is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a potent by-product of testosterone that is converted by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR).
  • DHT binds onto androgen receptors in susceptible scalp hair follicles causing the follicle to shrink.
  • The progressive shrinking of susceptible scalp follicles leads to a shortening of the hair’s growth cycle.
  • Hair becomes thinner and shorter, until there is no growth at all.
  • Those who have inherited the “baldness gene” have an increased sensitivity to DHT, even despite normal, or slightly elevated, levels of DHT. 

There is a range of other causes from autoimmune causes to fungal infections, and a no obligation consultation with a hair loss specialist or doctor can help you to determine your cause. More important than the cause though is the solution! 

Bioscor’s Natural Hair Regrowth Program

For every common problem there are 100 fad solutions that don’t really work and hair loss is no different. If you want a hair regrowth solution that is highly effective, choose a medically-proven progr­­­am with a history of success. 

The experts at Bioscor International are experienced in all areas of hair loss and can help stop hair loss in its tracks and stimulate new growth. Bioscor’s Natural Hair Regrowth Program is packed with the sort of products and treatments, these include: 

  • A specially formulated lotion to promote new hair growth
  • Essential vitamins that promote healthy, stronger hair
  • Shampoos formulated to deep cleanse blocked hair follicles and reduce scalp irritation.
  • Monthly in-house treatments aimed to maximise the hair rejuvenation process
  • If necessary, oral medications professionally-prescribed by a doctor

Factor’s Affecting Hair Regrowth

Visible results are usually achieved in the first 3-4 months. However, the rate of hair regrowth can differ between individuals. There are also many factors that can affect the effectiveness of the program, including: 

  • Age – severity of male pattern hair loss increase with age
  • Severity – the more severe, the more rejuvenation your follicles will require
  • Genetic Predisposition – some are more sensitive to DHT than others
  • Compliance to treatment – sticking to the recommended treatment routine will yield the best results
  • Scalp Condition – an unhealthy scalp can hinder hair regrowth potential

Do you want a natural regrowth solution for your hair loss? Complete rejuvenation is just around the corner with the team at Bioscor International. 

Our team understands the emotional and physical impacts that come with hair loss and can use proven treatments to help you fight it. Contact us at one of our Melbourne clinics for a no-obligation, free consultation.

Bioscor Natural Hair Regrowth Program

Why Choose Us?

At Bioscor, we understand how it feels to lose your hair. Losing your hair can be a crushing blow to your self-esteem.  It can affect your social life, work performance and overall view of yourself. Hair is important to our well-being. Because it is so visible, it becomes part of our identity.

We have been treating hair loss since 1992. Apart from true and tried methods, we embrace innovative techniques and have incorporated PRP treatment into our Natural Hair Regrowth Program to give even better, faster results.

  • Great results (just see our images!)

  • Long track record (25+ years in the business)

  • No surgery with long recovery periods

  • Medically-trained professionals

*Results may vary amongst individuals

Always a pleasure to walk in. All the staff are wonderful and helpful. They have been for almost 20 years.

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Been on the program for 5 years and it continues to work and keep growing more and more.

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Hair treatment that works! In the first 3 months I saw a huge difference with my hair growth.

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You don’t need to lose any more hair.

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