Hair Transplant

If losing your hair is making you feel less confident or more stressed, don’t despair because there are hair transplant procedures available. But before you decide on hair transplant surgery, talk to a hair loss dermal clinician at Bioscor for advice and recommendations.

At Bioscor in Melbourne, Dr Amanda Ong is a cosmetic physician specialising in hair and skin disorders, and Dr Alan Ong is a GP who founded the hair regrowth program. Dr Ong is the Dr Ong has also worked with some of the best hair transplant surgeons by incorporating Bioscor’s Natural Hair Regrowth Program to give patients a fuller head of hair’. So, what does hair transplant surgery entail?

A hair transplant is a kind of surgery that removes hair from one area of your scalp where it is more dense, to a bald or thinning area. There are two types of hair transplant surgery methods, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS). In both types, the surgeon will clean your scalp and inject an anaesthetic to numb it.

If FUSS is the chosen transplant method, the surgeon will remove a 15 to 25-centimeter piece of skin from the back of your head (or other donor areas), and slice it up into tiny grafts to place in the balding or thinning areas of your scalp. During the FUE method, the surgeon shaves the back of your head, and remove follicles one at a time and places them in the thinning or bald areas which will heal in little dots.

What does a hair transplant cost in Australia? It depends on how many grafts you need, and:

  • How thick you want your hair
  • What size area needs treating
  • How much can be taken from the donor area of your scalp, underarms, chest, arms or

Generally, 95 per cent of transplanted hairs survive at 18 months, but most will be longer. As with any surgery, hair transplants also carry a degree of risk that must be carefully understood by the patient.

Because of these risks, many regard hair transplants as a last resort and will try to regrow their hair naturally first. Speak to a Bioscor specialist today about our Natural Hair Regrowth Program.

You don’t need to lose any more hair.
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