8 Superfoods For Hair Growth

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Most of us have had the desire to make our hair grow faster, either because we just want to look different, or we don’t have enough hair. These superfoods for hair growth really do work, unlike much of the claims and too good to be true products that you can find online.

If you really do want your hair to grow faster, try one or more of these superfoods.


The omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon can work wonders for anyone wanting longer hair more quickly, as can the protein and vitamin D.

Yellow Peppers

Whereas oranges contain about 63 milligrams of Vitamin C, a yellow pepper contains a lot more – around 341 milligrams. The vitamin C present in the peppers can help to prevent hair breakage, and is excellent for anyone wanting to strengthen their hair follicles and shafts, making them one of the best superfoods for hair growth.


Eating just three oysters means that you are getting almost 500 percent of your recommended zinc amount, and zinc can reverse hair loss and minimise the chances of developing scalp conditions. However, the BP oil spill of 2010 has meant that oysters from the Gulf of Mexico are potentially high in cadmium.


Biotin is often taken as a supplement by people attempting to increase hair growth, although eggs actually contain biotin and are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. However, focus on eating the yoke of the egg if you want your hair to grow more quickly, as eating too many egg whites can mean your body has a shortage of biotin, as they block its absorption by the body.

Sunflower Seeds

Vitamin E can improve the flow of blood to the scalp as well as make your hair grow more quickly, and it just happens to be found in those tiny but delicious superfoods for hair growth.

Sweet Potatoes

Beta carotene is also excellent for encouraging hair growth and ensuring a healthier scalp, and the pigment is present in large amounts in sweet potatoes. High levels of vitamin A from retinol can actually be toxic, so a much safer alternative for anyone looking to stimulate hair growth is foods with high amounts of beta carotene, such as sweet potatoes.


Avocados have long been used by those wishing to improve their overall appearance, as they contain many of those useful fatty acids that are present in skin cells. Avocados also have the ability to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen when applied to the scalp and the hair. Sour cream is effective at exfoliating dead skin from the scalp, and because of this, a mixture of sour cream and avocado rubbed into the scalp is recommended for anyone who wants faster growing hair. Wash the mixture off after letting it soak into your scalp for about ten minutes.


The high amounts of biotin in almonds make them one of the best superfoods for hair growth, and if you include almonds in your diet for a couple of months you should see some results. About a third of your daily requirement of biotin is present in a cup of almonds.

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