Reshape your body with the hCG Diet Program 

We introduced the injectable hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) program in our Melbourne clinic 6 years ago and we only access our supply of hCG from reputable Australian Pharmaceutical Companies. hCG is quite unstable and does not have a long shelf life. For your safety and for efficacy, we only order as required so that we can ensure the freshness and safe refrigerated delivery of the product.

hCG combined with a low-calorie diet does not only help you shed weight, it actually helps reshape your body. The hCG accesses the natural fat reserves which are often stored in upper arms, belly, hips, buttocks and thighs. These fat stores are preserved for times of famine and are not easily shed through usual diet and exercise. This is why hCG is very effective in reshaping your body as it mobilizes the fat in these reserves to be used a fuel for your body, allowing you to lose weight and also inches!

To find about more about our program in depth, click here: The Bioscor Weight Loss hCG Diet

We find that sometimes it can be a hassle to read through a thick manual and lose yourself in those pages trying to find the information that you need. We’ve included below summaries to be used as simple, quick refreshers.

First two phases of the HCG Diet

After you’ve injected your hCG hormone, you can begin Phase 1: the fat-loading days.

Phase 1 (Days 1 – 2)

This phase is vital for the hCG to recognize that you are in fact consuming large amounts of healthy fats and that your body is not in starvation mode. It is important that you eat good fats as it will help you during the first few days of the calorie restricted diet. Ideas for great healthy fats to load up on!

You may not even feel very hungry during your fat-loading days but it is highly recommended to fat-load properly for a successful hCG diet.

Phase 2 (Days 3 – 24)

After the first two days, we begin the very-low calories days (VLCD) of 500 calories. You must continue to inject yourself daily. A daily sample menu would be as follows:

  • Breakfast: 1 apple and black coffee/tea
  • Lunch: 100g of chicken breast and 1 type of vegetable (Spinach)
  • Snack: 4 -6 medium strawberries
  • Dinner: 100g of very lean beef and 1 type of vegetable (Lettuce)
  • Dessert: Slushie using crushed ice, two slices of lemon, soda water and stevia

It is important to note that you do NOT eat your fruits together in one seating or all your meals at once. You can, however, spread out your meals throughout the day if you need to. Check out our Phase-2 Shopping list for HCG-approved foods Cheat Sheet!

“Apple Day” for the ‘No Weight Loss’ Plateau

The infamous hCG stall usually occurs during the second week into your Phase 2 (Calorie-restricted diet). This happens when there has no weight change for 3 – 6 days straight in a row, and the protocol by Dr. Simmeons recommends the “Apple day” to kick start the weight loss.

It is good to note that women will see a plateau (some even an increase) a few days before and during their menstrual cycle/period due to water retention. Fortunately, it will correct itself so it is advisable to just stick to the usual 500 calorie protocol to wait for the water weight to dissipate. However, if you are not on your menstrual cycle and you are experiencing no weight loss for 3 or more days, then you may proceed with “Apple day”

The steps for “Apple Day” (24 hours – noon to noon)

  1. Start your day with no breakfast and only consuming your first apple at noon.
  2. Eat only one apple at a time until noon the next day. Only a maximum of 6 apples is allowed.
  3. Refrain from drinking lots of water. Sip water only when thirsty.
  4. Eat up to 5 apples during the first day and reserve the 6th apple for breakfast of the next day.
  5. Weigh yourself the following morning and you will see a drop on the scales.
  6. After your 6th apple for breakfast the following morning, you can commence your usual 500 calorie diet at noon.

Tips for “Apple Day”

  • Organic apples are best
  • There is no restriction on size of the apple but it is best to stick to apples of 70g – 130g
  • Since you can cook your apples, you can prepare your apples in different ways
    • Cut into wedges, sautee/steam them with stevia
    • Cut thinly and grill them. Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon
    • Cut thinly and bake them with stevia and cinnamon



Why choose us?

  • Experience: The clinicians at Bioscor Clinic in Melbourne, Australia have participated fully in the prescription injectable treatment using hCG, so we know how it works and the pitfalls in following the protocols. Together, we’ve lost more than 30 kilos between ourselves!
  • Quality: We only obtain our hCG from reputable Australian pharmacies to ensure you are getting the best quality product. Do not buy your hCG online from unknown sources even if they appear much cheaper. You cannot tell what is truly in your vial so why would you risk injecting yourself with an unknown solution?
  • Support: We are an actual clinic with real people you can talk to. Our Melbourne clinic opens from 9AM – 5.30PM Mondays to Fridays. We regularly extend trading hours till 6.30PM (where there is demand), just call us to find out when!
  • Medical advice: We will always begin your assessment with a consultation with a Doctor. This is to ensure that you are a suitable and healthy candidate for the hCG diet. This diet involves a very low calorie intake of 500 calories for at least 21 days with little-to-no exercise. It is vital that you seek medical advice and get clearance from a Doctor before you can embark on this journey. After your consultation, we will write up a prescription to order in your hCG from a known Australian pharmacy and give you a phone call as soon as it arrives as we believe the hCG should be made as fresh as possible for maximum effectiveness!
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